*This way of installing OSX is now out of date* The best version of OSX86 to use for installing an EEE PC is ideneb 1.5.1. Please visit for detailed instructions.

Since this site helped me so much when installing os x on eee pc I though I would post here. Just got an eee pc 901 from Hong Kong and been able to install 10.5 leopard on it. Works fine, usual problem with no wireless, but everything else is great, bluetooth works, only problem boot time is 110 seconds but once loaded speed good enough to work with, graphics run at decent speed, shows what a difference the processor makes, acutally suprised me.
Only version I could get to work was brazilmac disc 9a581 with SSE3. Any SSE2 disc doesnt work with atom processor, i tried 10.4.8 JAS and 10.5 TOH, plus my own. Walkthrough I used can be found at link below.
*You have to disable Hyper Threading in the bios, and have correct bios settings in CPU Configuration, Otherwise boot time goes to almost 3 mins. If it boots at all.*
When right its almost as fast as my G4 when running software.
THIS IS ONLY FOR THE 901 AND PROBABLY THE 1000, any of the new ones with atom processor.

This post is a godsend for anyone trying to install OS X on eee pc whatever they are trying to install on or with.
Follow it to the letter and it will work. - Thanks go to Social Swimmer

Good Luck - Richard Ellis

I too have successfully managed to get the Brazilmac 10.5.1 image to boot on the 901. The trick is to disable hyper threading and boot with -f. Once installed, you can setup the wireless, video and sleep, but sound does not work. OSX 'detects' the sound card but does not load the correct drivers for it. I have tried multiple Azalia drivers.

I have also had success with Kalyway 10.5.2 image. Follow the instructions at but boot with modbinkernel for the install otherwise you get a kernel panic. Sound does not work on this 'release' either. You can use the vanilla kernel once installed. Use the driverpack the author of that guide provides to get the working sleep and video kexts. Follow his instructions for installing them.

Sleep works but there is no icon for the menu bar once you upgrade to 10.5.3 or .4 - Use the power button to wake the 901 up when you open the lid. Takes about 1 second.

You can download wifi drivers from - use the app in /Applications to set it up. You may need to toggle the disable/enable radio button on the advanced tab for it to work. Once you save a wifi profile, it will auto start when osx boots.

For me, the install took hours. I guess installing to the 8gb secondary ssd was a bad idea. I knew it was slow, but not that slow!

If you get a blue screen, or the gray screen and the spinning circle stops, just leave the 901. You will notice the hdd led occasionally flicker, after about 5 minutes it will spring back to life.

Sarah Pearson

Today i managed to install the kalyway 10.5.2 on my eee 901 following the instructions posted by sarah. But i cant get the sleep function to work properly, anyone have suggestion on how to solve this?


Thanks to Sarah – Your page is great and only with that I hot leopard to run on my eee 901.

Andreas, get the iatkos 4i It - That worked easy for me
- Configured EFI, Speedstep + on a GUID formatted Disk
- On Startup I got a APCI Error and an Kernel Stop – removing ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin.kext hase fixed the boot
- I took the Kexts from the Utility Pack of the Wind installation from that fixed gma950 and took IOPlatformPluginFamily.kext from 10.5.1 that fixed speedstep

I didn’t get your Wlan drivers to work – the funny thing is that I couldn’t find the file you are pointing to on page – just want to try the older one - Sound and Lan are also with issues.

Its really working well also frontrow is doing good (DVD Player is missing a drive – hm, is there an workaround??) I do love that little machine – the only concern is the extreme slow boot time – running Xbench shows the very slow write performance of the SSD – read is also ok – may be someone has an idea how to fix that

Best Regards Cybermaus

Thanks for this, i really like this site :)

Anyway i have tried both the way that sarah describes and the way that Cybermaus describes. Havent gor speedstep working yet, i activated it in bios but i didnt have the IOPlatformPluginFamily.kext so it crashed during boot. I inactivated speedstep again and it booted just fine (except the really long boot time).

My biggest problem is that i cant get the sleep to function, i install the iaktos 4i, i choose the speedstep plugin/patch i wait for it to install and after that i install the kexts in the wind package from the link above. Reboots the computer, and nothing happends when i close the lid or choose "sleep" in the menu. The screen just turns black and fades back in a second. A really annoying problem, cuz the boot times are so loooong :)


OSX Leopard 10.5.4 on EEEPC 901 - these movies ware uploaded on youtube.

booting speed :
Performance test :
Sound test :

seems to working almost 100% (wlan, sound, sleep, boot time, bluetooth, cam, etc.)

Nice work, but i think its time for you to share some instructions with us :D

Hey, that is absolutely cool you are a hero! – how did you manage the issues with the long boot time and did you also manage to put the core system to the 4GB drive?
I spent a few hours, playing around to fix the slow boot issue without any luck so far – The wireless drivers Sarah is pointing to are working fine (don’t use the system network configuration as I tried – and turn wifi on/off with the RF tool that is part of the package). How did you manage the sound and the slow boot issue?
It would be cool to learn how it works.


Hi, I just installed retail 10.5 to 16GB SDHC by using generic.iso ( with MSI's kexts kit. Generally it works fine with sound problem and annoying WLAN manual ON problem, no sleep. At least I can update my EeeMAC (except OS itself) via Apple. Its boot time is 80secs. One big problem in installation is "Welcome loop", but it can be fixed ( Don't forget "cpus=1'.


Installed using "MSIWindosx86" MSI wind custom install disc - installed fine, during installation I deselected 'kernel'. Ensure all your onboard devices are enabled during installation otherwise you wont get past the 'Welcome' setup. Speedstep, Hyper Threading, Sleep and Sound don't work, also stuck with the very long boot time. WLAN works but needs toggled on and off to get working. Going to try a usb audio adaptor. Average Geekbench score of 700. About 200 less than the Wind possibly due to lack of working Hyper Threading or Slow 8GB SSD :(


rsm check this link. eeepc 901's score that i found.

Well whoever that geekbench score belongs to, they have managed to get it working with hyper threading enabled as it shows "Logical Processors 2" Hopefully someone will let us know how they did that! : )


I reaaaaaaaaaaaally want to know how they got the boot time fixed... if you are
Blablablaaaaaaaz from ... please share the wealth! --J

i'm the man who do upload above movies to youtube & geekbench score. but so too hard to write guide because my english is too foolish. T^T;
does someone help to translate Korean to English for us? if there, plz reply this docu.

for your informations:
my uMAC(called by me) working list - fast boot speed, hypertheading, sound(using usb device), wlan, all update(including new secure one), sleep, powermanagement, bluetooth, cam, and all things without LAN and speedstep(this func was enabled on bios, but doesn't work in osx. as alternative, speedstep working by using coolbook software), function keys(these things are usable as each programs' setting too. for exam, shade's settings for bright)

my checked battery time : alomst 5 hours(of course, checked on wlan, best bright)

performace : as same as beginnig intel macbook. see above movies in youtube. but still got some lack because of slow ssd.(my thinking)

누구든 이 글 보시고 도와주실분 계시면, 간단하게 메일 주소를 리플달아 주세요 @_@; 왠만하면 서울에 사시는 분이셨으면 하네요.(for Korean users)

Ps. but simple reply is available. and why doesn't anyone recommand youtube movies? ;-(

- Haute = blablabla~z -

I tried the Kalyway 10.5.2 DVD approach, but when I boot from the CD, I get a kernel panic "got _PSS data for cpu index 2, but expected index...". I am running on a 1000h - can't seem to disable hyperthreading in the bios so this may be related to that.

Also, based on people's experience is the Kalyway distro the way to go (especially upgrading with the stock 10.5.4 updater) - or is the brazilmac approach better?
I think my problem is related to the SMC issue...

"On Startup I got a APCI Error and an Kernel Stop – removing ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin.kext hase fixed the boot"
How do you do this?
I realized that I had to mount the iso and then go down into the correct subdirectory of IOPlatformPluginFamlity and remove this file/directory.

Also, "- I took the Kexts from the Utility Pack of the Wind installation from that fixed gma950 and took IOPlatformPluginFamily.kext from 10.5.1 that fixed speedstep"
Did you do this before installation to the ISO image or post-installation?

Hei Haute .... please email me your guide in korean and I will get it translate to english. Email me at (Im not korean but got friend which can help) Thx.


i usually work from monday to friday. so maybe i can write guide on weekend. plz wait until weekend.

- Haute -

Thanks alot Haute! Looking forward to your guide too :D

- Downhere


System Basic Data:—ASUS_Eee_PC <>

0 Get some useful Tools:
OSX86 Tool:—index.php <>
Pacifist—12743 <>
Tips & Tricks: <> viewtopic.php?f=7&t=2571

1. BIOS Update to fix ACPI Problems
Get modified Bios from:—biosmod <>
Read more about the mod:—index.php <>

Simplest way to do a BIOS Update - use Asus Windows Tool and Run update from file
BIOS Update is always a risk - for me, all went fine and the long boot time was fixed!

2.1. System Boot - Enter BIOS Settings with F2
Advanced - Onboard Device Configuration
Onboard LAN: Disable
Onboard Camera: Enable
Onboard Wlan: Enable
Onboard Bluetooth: Enable
Advanced - CPU settings
Max CPUID Value Limit: Disable
Hyper hreading: Disable
Intel Speedsep Enable
Hard Disk Drives:

Save & Exit

2.2. Boot with iatkos v4i

Utilities->Disk Utility:
8GB SSD: Partition-> 1 Partition (Name:OSX, Format: Mac OS Extended (journaled); Options: GUID 4GB SSD: Partition-> 1 Partition (Name: CORE, Format: Mac OS Extended (journaled); Options: GUID

Disk Utility->Quit Disk Utility

Installtion auf OSX Partition

Instalation Note - Dont install Stock Files on initial install - go without installing any different kernel. After Installation replace 9.4.0 TOH kernel with stock one and do not install AppleACPIPlattform.kext from Stock section - then powermanagement and sleep are workin with vanilla stock kernel - and without any additional 3rd party kexts - Thanks to Forum for this Tip,

Install Sumary->Customize
x IATKOS v4i Main System
x Darwin Bootloader

  • Do not install from section Stock (replace kernel later)

x Additional Patches:
xxSMBIOS driver
xxxx AppleSMBIOS-27 6th rev. MacBook
xxxx Remove Termal kexts
x Drivers
xx Intel
xxxx GMA950
xxxx System

If Install Window doesnt show up:
Window->Installer Log
Window -> Zoom
Window-> Bring all to Front
Installer Log-> Show Errors and Progress

2.3 Install from paulswinddriverutilitypack (you can find the link on the first mailing)


2.4 Run OSYX86Tool
Enable/Disable Quarz GL

2.5 Install Stock Kernel
Boot with iatkos v4i

Installtion on OSX Partition
Install Sumary->Customize

x Stock Files
x Kernel 9.4.0

2.6 Install WLAN Driver (link in first mail)
Dont use System pref to control WLAN use specifik application

Sumary so Far:
System running with EFI, vanilla and Quarz extreme support
Stock Kernel : working with EFI
GMA950 : working with QE & GL
sleep Mode : working (With Shutdown Window by pressing power button)
Wlan : working (After Start and wake on Powersaving a manual switch off/on is needed
Camera: : working
Multitouch : 2 finger scrolling, 3 finger control, 2 finger doubletab

Not fixed or tested yet:
SD Slot
DVD player is missing a drive ?! (may be there is a fix from MacbookAir ???)
Brightness control

4. Language Pack
4.1 Insert original Leopard Install DVD and open Optional Installs - Optional Installs.mpkg
4.2 Select your Language in Section Language Translations
4.3 Goto System Prefs - International - Edit List
Check only your prefered and may be one backup language
4.5 Repair Permissions and restart

System Pref - Keyboard did not show up in different Language than English
To fix this, we extracted /System/Library/PreferencePanes/Keyboard.prefPan from Combo Update .
Install it to /System/Library/PreferencePanes and repair permissions


cybermaus - I followed your instructions on my 1000h and it works like a charm! Thanks for the detailed instructions! The big difference was the new 1000h bios. Also, on the 1000h you cannot disable HT, but that didnt seem to matter (although it only shows up as one proceessor).

Some notes: SD slot works fine (including SDHC); brightness controls seemed to work before I installed Paul's driver pack - after it does not. I will be reinstalling again on a larger HD for dual boot windows/osx so I will check again.

Overall seems a little pokey, but I will be adding another gig tomorrow.

Was feeling brave so installed the updated BIOS from for my 901 and it all went fine! With Hyperthreading and Speedstep Enabled, it now boots to login screen in 35 seconds and defo feels snappier! Geekbench score is now 894 (Higher than when I was running XP, but less than 1/3 of what my iMac gets...then again it was less than 1/3 the cost :) Oh and it is showing two logical processors.

Installed from MSIWindosx86

Still not working -
Brightness and other function buttons apart from sleep
Occasionally trackpad wont work at login so need to reboot
Speedstep doesn't work as it is meant to, but Coolbook should fix this

Couple of thoughts - does thos new BIOS have any detrimental effect? Eg when running XP? Also, I feel the 8gb SSD is a bit of a bottleneck...considering trying tiger instead as will fit on the faster 4gb SSD but not sure how well it would work...

rsm 05/08/08

I set up a dual boot using your instructions for osx86 RSM, runs pretty well, i would be extremely happy if i could get sound to work but who knows! anyway i set up a partition to have about 400mb of page file for windows XP on the 8gig drive, XP on the 4gb SSD and a 7.1gb partition for osx86. have more than 2gigs to play with in windows and a bit more than a gig to play with in osx. Sleep didnt work using either iatkos v4 or msiwindosx86. Hope to hear some more updates from you great folks!

Broke my installation messing about with osx86tools...but have a little update with my new install.

This time when I reinstalled from MSIWindosx86 I didn't uncheck the 'kernels' box. The results seem to be that usb devices aren't recognised unless they are connected at startup... Will need to find out what this kernel is and uninstall it so will hopefully fix that.

Managed to get sleep working - it only seems to wake up properly if you wake it with the power button - pressing keyboard doesn't work, it just freezes it.

My trackpad problem seems to arise if I touch the trackpad before the machine is loaded, will keep an eye on it.

rsm 08/08/08

My Webcam doesn't work in Photo Booth, iChat, or user picture. The green light comes on but there is no image. Can somebody verify the Webcam is actually working for them.

Other standard stuff - no sound, no wired LAN, no brightness control, sleep is a bit strange.

Bluetooth works great, at least with a mouse.

Swapped out wireless card with an Apple one. No draft-n but it works much smoother.

Modified BIOS is a must. :)


Following cybermaus' instructions, installed fine on my 901. Everything seems to work and not work as described above, but has anyone got battery meter/powermanagement working normally? It doesn't show up on mine, so I have no idea how much battery power is left. Haute seems to have solved the problem. Anyone else?


Hello Chomsky93 - Try this:

3. Battery Meter Fix
3.1 Delete Powermanagement bundle from /System/Library/SystemConfiguration/PowerManagement.bundle
3.2 Get Combo Mac OSX Combo Update 10.5.4 from Apple - Support - Downloads
3.3 Get pacifist from versiontracker:—12743
We need to install original PowerManagement.bundle
3.4 Open downloaded Combo Update in Pacifist and Extract PowerManagement.bundle
3.4 Copy extracted PowerManagement.bundle to /System/Library/SystemConfiguration/PowerManagement.bundle
Repair Permissions and Reset Extesion Cache with OSX86Tool
3.5 Install ACPIBattery.kext from:—darwin.html
more Info:—viewforum.php

There are minor Issues, sometimes I got a kernel panic on bootup - it seems to happen, when you boot up with unplugged AC I never got it when I boot up with plugged AC - On another rainy day, I will get in touch with the developer - for the moment it works fine for me, Battery status shows up correct, sleep ist also working well - so he last big issue semms to be audio - for that, it needs more than one rainy day ;-) - The ALC269 codec semms to be strange or new - If you like to spend some time working on that, follow up here:  : HDAudio Patcher Wiki - you need to register as user to get access to some tools and the forums.

have fun


Thank you, Cybermaus. Powermanagement works fine now. Yep, sound's the only thing left. I'll poke around a bit on that.


Safesleep, it writes a copy of the ram to disc in the case of powerloss but doesn't work on hackintoshes - visit to lear how to deactivate it to mode 0 and delete the file to save yourself a precious 1gb of space (or 2gb if you have 2gb of ram)

One other thing that someone might want to try - i you have both drives formated of HFS - change the swap file to the 1st drive, should make it a bif faster, not had a chance to try myself, nor know how exacly, but let me know if anyone tries this!


I noticed that Power Management did not work correctly with the last method. Someone reported a method to use original kexts with iatkos 4i – I did an update on my installation description some posts ago – this version works absolutely perfect – and, pressing the shutdown button pops up the shutdown dialog Window.

Hello rsm, i confirm deleting the sleepimage file saves a lot of space. Delete Hibernation File: sudo rm -rf /private/var/vm/sleepimage its only needed if you enable suspend to Disk Mode - don’t worry, it doesn't has any impact on sleep mode ...


I can confirm that application Coolbook works fine with the 901, re-enabling the Speedstep function, costs $10 but think it is worth it for the battery life gains and heat reduction, so you dont have the fan running constantly : ) Only ethernet and sound and proper brightness adjustment then everything works!


Cybermaus, I tried to install the original iatkos power management kexts (following your updated steps) and it did not work for me. I can put my 901 asleep however when it wakes up my keyboard and mouse don't work. I also loose the wireless signal and don't get it back until reboot :-( Any idea what is going on?

Also soundkext/driver/tutorial would be awesome :-)



ZD - you must wake the Eee by pressing the power button, not the keyboard, otherwise it freezes... And from the wireles utility, try turnining the wireless off and on again under the advanced tab and it should work again. I have found the MSIWindosx the most problem free installation, all the usual works without any messing about with other kexts, just need to remember to uncheck the 'kernel' checkbox under patches when installing.

Update on Coolbook - I have started doing some successful undervolting with it - I now have it stepping between 1GHz, 1.3GHz and 1.6GHz. The reson I amn't going down to 800MHz? I can run at 1GHz just using same voltage as 800MHz! 1.3GHz is using less voltage than default 900MHz and 1.6GHz using less voltage than default 1.2GHz. So technically I should get similar battery life as running in XP with the SuperHybridEngine set to 1.2GHz! It is running at 38C idle and 45C full load. Still to see how long battery will actually last and full stabillity test (Used CPUTest with recommended settings)

Settings I used as follows - 1064MHz@0.9V, 1330MHz@0.9375V &1596MHz@1.0250V - please note undervolting varies chip to chip, so this may not be stable for you.


I installed MSIWindosx86 and at the setup assistant, I can't get past the "Migrate settings from old Mac" page - setup assistant always crashes once I click the Continue button. I unchecked 'kernel' and 'X11' when installing. Booting in safe mode and single user mode doesn't make a difference.
Any suggestions would be appreciated!


Enter safe mode –s
/sbin/fsck -fy
/sbin/mount -uw
touch /var/db/.AppleSetupDone
passwd root (enter a password)

Set a root password you will remember. After the reboot, go into system preferences and create your own user (make sure you select Administrator for user type). Log off, then log in as the new user. Go to Applications->Utilities->Directory Utility and click on the Edit menu. Select Disable root user.


Thanks rsm, I can now login! Unfortunately kotoeri (the Japanese input method) is crashing constantly - does anyone know of a fix?

Edit: I fixed it by copying over the contents of /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/LangAnalysis.framework/Versions/A/Support from a genuine Mac running 10.5.4. Kanji conversion still doesn't work, but at least it's not crashing any more. Evidently some of the input method files in the MSIWindosx86 package were either missing or corrupt.


All the strip-down assessments I have read about the 901 and up say the sound device is ALC289. How come we are looking after 269? Can we be sure which is correct?


Got an original Apple Airport Extreme card, BCM94321MC, pulled from an iMac for a bargain price and it works perfect! Better reception, no annoying uitilty and supports WPA Enterprise which was vital for me (The Ralink software doesn't even though the card does and they aren't planning on updating the driver to support it!)


If someone has working OSX on Asus 901, could you make Acronis 11 image of disk C and share it?
It'll be very simple to install.


RE: noel

On mac os x, there is no such thing as a drive C. Second, its not as simple as just having a disk image. On Windows, if you have the wrong drivers Windows disables them and lets you choose another one. Mac OS X kernel panics (which is a techy term for CRASHES SEVERELY) so you can't even try to fix it unless you have the installer CD ... so just go download one off of the usual torrent places.


help please! i have eee pc 1000H i had leopard 10.5.1 running off the kalyway install. it was up and running. i installed the kext to get the gma 950 to work, it said it installed properly, and i rebooted but now it won't load leopard at all. any ideas?

Steven S

The brightness is annoying me... Having full brightness isn't helping the battery life, and somthing like Shades doesn't actually change the backlit brightness, it just darkens what is shown on the screen. HOWEVER if you use the brightness shortcuts when it is starting up (grey screen) they work! But then reverts to100% once fully loaded. So I guess it is fixable but not sure how, whether it is something to do with the keyboard layout or the graphics / powermanagement driver I do not know... Anyone have any ideas?


When you change the brightness before it finishes its boot process, you are altering the brightness of the screen while it is in its preliminary mode. When you get into Mac OS X proper, the hardware kicks in and therefore the mode is totally different.

Compare it to: turning the volume up in Mac OS X, rebooting into Windows, and expecting the volume to be the same.


I got the iDeneb (vanilla kernel) install running on my 1000h. Boots in under 30 seconds, geekbench at 900. Using the airport extreme card out of my mini, so I don't have to deal with the manual driver. Quartz and hardware acceleration work great. Screenshot: about this mac/geekbench Battery at about 4.5 hours. Same as everyone else, no backlight control, no sound, no ethernet. Everything else seems to be working. Runs better than my iBook G4 1.43; feels about the same as my 1.5 solo mini. Way more comfortable to bang on than the 901. Pax.


zapzupnz I think you were misunderstanding what I was saying... I wasn't complaining as was expecting it to stay the same when you change it, what I am saying is it is actually possible to change the brightness while in OSX (I am talking about the OSX grey screen not the asus grey screen when you first boot) So since it is possible, it should be possible to get the brightness buttons working once booted with a different kext.


sounds possible, but just remember that when youre changing brightness in the grey apple screen, youre still in its framebuffer mode, which is not handled by a driver. so it will work without doubt. im just saying in a slightly rude but hopefully understood way that it is no reason to get your hopes up. but if you find a way, ill eat my hat :)


brightness controls work on desktop in 800x600 mode from 10.5.4 install until I replace the intel video kexts from Paul's msiwind kexts to get 1024x600 mode.


Because when you are in 800x600 mode, you are still in the framebuffer mode what lets the apple screen start. That is why you need to replace the drivers, to get out of framebuffer mode. However, the drivers do not account for brightness controls.


I have installed iTunes 8 and the 10.5.5 upgrade with no major problems, need to reinstall graphics drivers however. Here is an archive of them that someone from the Wind community has uploaded -


brightness controls working on 901 with 10.5.4 thanks to this tip.

Just remember to edit the byte, not add another byte (highlight and type, don't insert and type).

-GRegory Cohen.

Just to say the the brightness issue has partially fixed here - you can now adjust the brightness with the hotkeys however there is two issues: Firstly when you resume from sleep you have to it one of the brightness keys to turn the backlight on as it resumes off. Secondly the screen isn't as bright as before - it seems to be the standard range of brightness you normally get (peaking about 63% of full brightness) this is the same in XP but can be changed to full brightness with eeectl. Before using the new kext it defaulted to 100% brightness. Not sure if this can be fixed, but I haven't been able to post on ipis forums... :(


I guess thats what you get with a one byte hack ;-). Both problems are symptoms of this, ie bypassing the setbrightness routine. The routine obviously (I think) can set the brightness correctly but apparently checks the wrong memory address for the current "hotkey setting". On the list of things to fix, but I'm trying to get my head around config settings for the AppleHDA.kext at present.


I succesfully installed ideneb v1.3 10.5.5 on 1000H, had to use modified bios, but the rest went rather smoothly, only getting dual boot to work was a bit difficult, not I got two bootloaders, first the one from windows, then darwin/chameleon. It works, but isn't perfect, as it always requires manually selecting the partition to boot from. Audio would be wonderful. Ethernet not bad either, and the Ralink-thing is working, but well.

There is one issue which is really annoying me, though. The "<>"-key between shift and "y" (German keyboard, should be "z" on English ones) is not working in Mac OS! In Windows, it works fine, as well does a Mac-USB-keyboard in both OS. Do you experience the same awkward issue?

EDIT: Fixed the dual-bootloader problem by booting with gparted and setting the boot-flag of Leopard-Installation and adding rd=(my Leopard partition) in Not really fixed the problem with the "<>"key, but found out that the key at the very top left, next to the 1 (not counting ESC and F-Keys) is bound to those. So I actually got "<>" but they are somewhere else, hence I am missing "^" and "°" now but those I don't use very often so for the moment I can live with that. Lastly, I replaced th Ralink Wifi Card with a cheap Broadcom-PCIE-WiFi card and it works perfect. Only had to delete preferences in /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/ in order to be able to join a network.

UPDATE: I really recommend installing the carbonlib patch, wich fixes a bug in ideneb 1.3 10.5.5. In my case, I could not start GhostRecon, which now works fine.

I just posted information here:

On how to install OS X from a retail apple install DVD. I've put together an boot loader CD image (20m) that will let you load it, and will patch your Atom EEE to run it smoothly. The cool thing is that the apple upgrade path now works.

It also gets sound, screen dimming, and speed step working great with everything on one CD. You can even update your Bios from this CD.

-GRegory Cohen.

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